Product Features

Oil Less Cooking

A low-fat diet is a healthy way to feed your family. With that in mind the unique cooking method of INNOVE® by Royal Prestige®, lets you cook most types of vegetables, meat, poultry and some types of fish without any added grease, fat or cooking oil.

How it works:

All meats and poultry contain juices. Part of it is water, but unfortunately most of the juice is also fat. By trimming the visible fat from meat before cooking and then “pan broiling” the meat in the Cooking System without adding fats or oil, you can enjoy tender, juicy meats that are much lower in fat and calories.

Preheat the cookware at medium-high for about 3 minutes. The temperature is correct when a few drops of water are sprinkled on the utensil and they move around the surface without evaporating. If they immediately disappear, this is a sign that the cookware is not ready to be used.

Minimal Water Cooking

INNOVE® by Royal Prestige® is designed to cook fresh and frozen vegetables (and some fruits) with very little added water. This method reduces the loss of nutrients that occurs with other cooking techniques, while keeping the natural flavours intact.

How it works:

Vegetables and fruits have high water content, enough to cook them as long as heat is controlled and moisture is retained inside the pan.

The Cooking Systems have been made to provide even heat distribution. This allows the vegetables on top to cook just as well as those on the bottom—without boiling water to distribute the heat.

The Redi-Temp® valve signals when the proper cooking temperature is reached (approximately 82°C). This temperature is enough to kill germs and bacteria, which may be on the food, without destroying all heat-sensitive nutrients.

Tips for forming the water seal:

If steam escapes from around the cover, the temperature setting is too high, the setting needs to be reduced.

If the Redi-Temp® valve continues to whistle or steam continues to escape from the cover even after reducing the heat to the lowest temperature setting, a heat diffuser may be needed. This can be found in many retail stores.

Lifting the cover will break the water seal. Cooking time will be lengthened considerably each time this happens, as the water seal must be formed again. When checking food, lift the cover enough just to insert a fork to see if the food is sufficiently cooked. If the food is not completely cooked, replace the cover as quickly as possible and turn the heat up to medium for about a minute to re-form the water seal. Rest to low and continue cooking. Occasionally after cooking, a cover may have a tight water seal and be difficult to remove. If this happens, simply open the Redi-Temp® valve and wait until the cover loosens.

All you need to know is medium-switch/click low!

50 Year Warranty

The INNOVE® Cooking systems are backed by an extraordinary 50-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.

Royal Prestige® warrants that products will be free from defects in material and workmanship and will not permanently stain, rust, chip, melt, break or crack for 50 years from the date of purchase. However, a warranty shall apply to the INNOVE® Silichromatic Cover Gasket for one year from the date of purchase.

The warranty will cover only normal household use. For e.g. the warranty will be void if the product gets damaged by neglect or improper assembly, maintenance, servicing, or repair by unauthorized persons or used for commercial purposes.

Efficient Cooking

The INNOVE® design is not only clean and avant-garde, it also maximizes efficiency. Its smooth edges work together with the Silichromatic Ring™ to create a perfect seal that promotes moisture and flavor retention.

Versatile Handles

The INNOVE® handles are detachable to allow placing several pots inside the dishwasher, as well as to facilitate storage in drawers and shelves. In addition, these handles are heat-resistant– they endure temperatures up to 400 °F/204 °C.

Silichromatic Ring™

The Silichromatic Ring™ seals the steam inside the cookware to retain moisture and flavor, when using the waterless and oil less cooking method.

Moisture Control Window

It allows you to monitor the moisture of your meals, without constantly removing the cover.

Redi-Temp® Valve

The exclusive cylindrical valve signals when the temperature has reached about 180 °F/82°C, which facilitates your cooking experience.

Induction Capable

The base of the INNOVE® cookware is made of induction capable, magnetic stainless steel.


The INNOVE® handles are detachable to facilitate storage in drawers and shelves.


The detachable INNOVE® handles allow placing several pots inside the dishwasher. They also make the cleaning process easier, especially when it comes to those hard to-clean spots.

Baking Oven

The detachable INNOVE® handles are perfect to maximize space while baking your dishes.


The convenient design allows covers to be used as trivets, which helps prevent placing hot saucepans on delicate surfaces.